How many of you look at reviews whenever you’re shopping for something new, like a TV? I know I do. In today’s society, this is a highly common practice. People are always searching the internet looking to see what other are saying about the things they’re interested in. If one TV has better or more reviews than the another one, you will tend to go with the one with most/best reviews. 92% of online searchers read the reviews.


JUNE, 2018

Why is this important for a business to understand?       Well, for the fact that bad or nonexistent reviews are driving business away from you. If you’ve read our article about Online Visibility, you would first see how important it is to be found online. After you’ve gained your online visibility, now its time to start going over your reputation, in particular, your reviews.

Let’s think about Google. If you do a search for say “Roofers,” you’ll see a number of listings appear in a certain proximity to your current location. Each listing will have the Business Name, and under that, you’ll see a review rating. This rating can vary from business to business, as well as the number of reviews that went into creating that number. If the first Business only has 3 reviews at an average rating of 3.4 and the one under it has 45 reviews with an average of 4.8, which one would you click on first to check out? Most would say the 45 with 4.8.

So how does a company ensure they are able to gather positive reviews to encourage click-thru rates? Well, there are a variety of methods you can put into play. One, in particular, would be to have a system of follow up with your customers after they have received a service from you. By doing so, you’ll be able to get reviews from customers who do have nice things to say about you, but they’ve never been encouraged to do so.

“92% of online searchers READ REVIEWS”

Here are Greenlight IMM, we have several implementations to not only build your reviews but manage them and market them. Contact us today for more information on your options to get this put in place.

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