Every business, big or small, needs to focus on having an online foundation. What is an online foundation? To keep it simple, its have multiple ways (places) of your business being found and making sure those places are all aligned with matching information and connected to one another.


JULY, 2018


Why is this important?
Well, there are a variety of reasons that can push this along for needing to be done. The main one that sticks out to me is “you want Google to validate you as a real business.” A few more are as follows:

  • You will be easier to find in an online search
  • People looking for business will have multiple places to get information about your company
  • You should dominate search results when your business is being searched
  • You will create stronger trust flow and build authority around your brand
  • Google and other search engines will have reasons to show you more often in search results

Have you ever done a search on business just to find they only have their website showing and that’s it? How did that make you feel about that business? Now, what about when you did a search for another business and they had the entire first page results with information about them, compare that feeling to the first? Typically, it’s night and day. Psychology, you will have more trust in the latter company, because there is more to see. Search engines work the same way. They will have more places to “learn” about your business and better understand how to show you, what relates to you, etc.

So it’s very important to build this foundation first before you do anything else, reason being, this foundation will power up everything else you’re doing for your brand and make it an easier path for you to grow your business.

“Psychology, you will have more trust in the latter company, because there is more to see. ”

Here at Greenlight Internet & Mobile Marketing, we always seek to establish an online foundation, whether it’s a new business or existing business. It is a key area that strengthens a business and creates more avenues of being found and creating a relation to your products and/or services.

Contact us today to get started on the build out of your ONLINE FOUNDATION.

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