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For Local Businesses, EVERYTHING in Google starts with your Google Listing

Why Google My Business Is Important


Running Adwords yields only 19% of the clicks for local business.


The Maps Results gets at least 44% of all the clicks that happen on the 1st page. Where should a business spend its focus? 


Showing up in Search Results organically, will only yield 29% of the clicks for the FIRST PAGE results. 

Google My Business has been a consistent growing factor for getting businesses seen and receiving more leads and sales. 9 times out 10 when a person pulls up your business in Google, the first thing they will see is your Google Listing. This is a “1st line of representation” of your business, so its imperative to have accuracy in your listing, continued information, and images present for your viewers.

Here at Greenlight I.M.M. we know that Google loves to see activity inside their properties, so we take full advantage of that, mixed in with our own proven strategies to push your Google Listing into more search results and cover larger distances, since Google focuses on PROXIMITY.

If you want to:

  • Increase the number of times you’re seen in Google
  • Rank for more keywords
  • Gather & Streamline your reviews

Then contact us today to get a plan set in motion for your tomorrow’s success.


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