Get control of your how you’re viewed online and market it for a greater impact.

Online Reputation Overview

Your Online Reputation plays a huge role in how customers view your business and if they’ll do business with you. Just think about how you react to products when visiting Amazon that have low star ratings. You’re looking for products that have a great reputation, with a certain star rating, and you’re reading what people are writing about the product. 

Here at Greenlight, we help you to build your online reputation while growing/repairing what you currently have. 

This is done in a three step process: 

build your reputation

Building your Online Reputation is the root that starts the our whole system. Getting past and current clients or customers to leave a review is paramount to growing your reputation, and we have several ways to get this done in your business. 

manage your reputation

Manging your Online Reputation makes sure that you’re ahead of any issues that may arise as well stay up to date with what’s been said. If you’re able to address an issue, that only increases the likelihood of turning a bad review into a good review. We make sure to answer all reviews as well actively engage your clients or customers to catch a bad review before it goes out. 

Market your reputation

Marketing your Online Reputation is how we can expand how great of a business you have to people who may not be aware of you. We can create images and videos from your reviews and push this content out to social media, and even run it as an ad.  

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